RV-Pina-100 Property description

Rustic / Modern Villa for rent in Pina - Algaida

This cozy villa is located in the charismatic town of Pina, Algaida.

With 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, open views in a Creole and representative Mallorcan culture.

Completely renovated and ready to move into. Great place to enjoy both summer or winter.


To the east of the core extends basin that forms Pina torrent of what is called Pina Baixos. This is a very fertile land area devoted mainly to irrigation. The northwest and southwest of the village, typical rainfed crops-cereals, almonds, carob, fig ... - And areas of rugged rocks and not allow the cultivation of the land is occupied by chaparral.

Pina area was inhabited since ancient times. Around the town we can find numerous archaeological remains: baskets artificial talayotes Talayotic isolated.