F-Manacor-105 Property description

The trees sway from side to side in the wind, the mountains standing tall against the sea. The sea waves splashing across the rocks and retrieving forcefully back just to come back again.The ships sailing in the yonder sea. The smell of freshly baked breads awakens your senses. Life can be just so perfect in Ariany.

As you walk down the Mallorcan styled home, the breathtaking pool catches your attention. Sitting majestically in the well styled garden the pool exudes sophistication. The dramatic garden surrounded by a variety of trees artistically cut palm trees and well-trimmed shrubs, the home takes you to back in time. The chic and trendy garden literally lined with colorful flowers will want you to spend most of the time outdoors and the cobbled path will make you pine for more. Low and behold- Ariany is full of beauty.

The heavily arched aesthetically done country home will set your standards high. The wooden doors welcome you reminding you of the nineteenth century homes with ample space surrounded by the beautiful nature. The spacious living room intricately designed with terracotta crafts offers splendid views of the nature outside. It has been made all the more comfortable with a large fireplace which will keep you cozy all the time. The bedrooms are styled in a very unique way where you feel the old world charm with small windows and enticing wooden side tables. At night peep out of the windows and feel the moon showering its light upon the pool with the distant lights shining with all its might.

Enjoy dinner the "Mallorcan Style". The kitchen with its old charm also provides you with the state of the art gadgets to whiff up the lovely dinner in a quiet Mallorcan setting with your family. The heavy beams which make up most of the roofs are the ultimate style statement. The sophisticated home ensures a high standard of architecture to maintain a trendy lifestyle. The stylish home also boasts of plenty of sitting space and sofas intricately lined around the house so that no matter which ever room you are in you can always enjoy the panoramic views outside. You can feel the clouds above and the green grass below when you are up on the terrace. The view is just over the top and your eyes wont be able to rest as they shift from one view to the other. You can spend hours enjoying the splendid nature. A perfect gym makes life wonderful in the awesome country home with all amenities nearby and very near to the golf course.

Ariany is a small dreamy village surrounded by nature and Mediterranean plants as well as exotic palms. It can be described as a small picturesque place, which is still typical of the Mallorcan countryside. The picturesque village is on the road from Petra to Santa Margalida. Beautiful hiking trails, past ruins, silent stories of history and many other sights is what you get here. Surrounded by exotic and Mediterranean plants and animals, you can see nature at its best. On the hikes you will pass ancient windmills in Ariany, 7 of which are still preserved today. The classic Sa Creu was built from sandstone in 1856 and is also the oldest. The most modern is from 1979 (Creu de la Placa de l´Esglesia) and was built by Gabriel Mateu.

Those who arrive in January should not miss the "Sant Antoni" festival. A feast in which the whole village celebrates and fires with joyfire in the village streets. Even if the village has preserved its originality and has been spared from mass tourism, the next villages can be reached quickly via well-developed road connections. The nearest beach is about 16 kilometers away.

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