F-Binissalem-06 Property description

"Snails bi me", is an anagram of the name of this quaint, peaceful village called Binissalem. An appropriate name because life here is so relaxed that if you heard people say ´did you see that Snail Bi Me´ it would be long gone before you received any answer - such is the pace of sleepy village life.

But don´t let the tranquillity fool you as only 150 meters away, runs the main trunk road connecting the north of the island to the south, a journey that takes just 40 minutes from top to bottom. Another little known fact is that the local ´Train Station´, situated in Binissalem allows one to whizz to Plaça España in as little as 25 minutes or to the North East coast in 30, you could say that the location is perfect.

Creating a modern building that retains a historic and character-full appearance was clearly the objective of the designers of this striking property. The idea was always to blend in to the local landscape and the inclusion of locally sourced materials has produced an aesthetically pleasing effect, combining enviable quality with rustic charm and allowing this magnificent home to balance alongside the other scattered properties in the area.

Nothing about this property shows wear and tear, despite a deliberately created and stylish antiquity, it is, in fact quite the opposite. The building exudes class and style, an intelligent and seamless blend of modern construction with traditional distinction. In fact, the use of updated and traditional building techniques throughout has delivered dramatic features, such as covered verandas with exposed thick chunky wood beams sitting aloft even bigger and longer wall plates beams. The exposed roof tiles further enhance the country feel and look of the covered areas which are all sat on top of genuine stone pillars.

From here, one can sit end enjoy the beautifully manicured gardens and pool area surrounded by established natural bushes and trees.This oasis like setting promotes peacefulness and, no matter what one has experienced in the hours proceeding arrival, it is all forgotten and left at the front gates, as if arriving to your very own private sanctuary or heaven.

In all honesty, the grounds surrounding the main building are entrancing, so that upon entering the building, we see the vast use of glass, a highly pleasing feature that allows light to flood through and invites these remarkable gardens into the home furthering one´s experience of peaceful enjoyment.

Earlier we described the covered areas offering shade from the abundant sunshine, and how they were constructed using traditional building techniques; the same is now said regarding the interior of the home.

There is an expression, ´The willing find the way, others find excuses´. Constructing a new build that retains historic character and traditional charm is not always successfully accomplished as many compromises are sometimes made for various reasons not just due to cost.

It is safe to say that with this prestigious home, the designer and construction Engineers ´found the way´. They have delivered an outstanding example of how the look and feel of traditionalistic life can be achieved at the same moment as utilising modern and inspired materials and practices. The wooden doors and windows look exactly like they did 300 years ago the only difference are the seal units which maximise heat efficiency.

The hand rails that decorate the stair well are also visually traditional, although the materials have all undergone specialist treatments to ensure an even longer maintenance free life.

Although most of the property and grounds echo history in appearance, the kitchen departs from the overall theme of this majestic home, as modern practicality elects not to embrace tradition.

We forgive this one concession in the grand scheme of things as the outright modern and clean lined kitchen is a perfect fit. We believe the right choice was made to go modern, with high grade appliances and superior fittings throughout and the token traditional still life painting on the wall providing a peace offering to the building for the otherwise ideal modernity.

To conclude our review of this elegant property, we feel the need to share the feeling of space that both the interior and exterior of this magnificent home offers.

Tradition in a modern build, the designer was not afraid of creating expanses of open living space; clearly feeling no need to cram as much as possible into the areas of this build. We believe this is a truly enchanting and distinctive home, brimming with majestic tranquillity.

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