F-Maria-102 Property description

The grand mountains exude charm and radiance. The sweet smell of the Lavender trees dissolve into the atmosphere with the beautiful mauve flowers get blown away with a gust of wind. As you walk down the villages and reach the awe-inspiring vineyards laden with grapes you seem to have reached paradise. As the grapes touch your lips the sweet and sour taste refreshes your mind. You are in the angelic village of Santa Maria Del Camí.

The gorgeous property is a dream-come true for you. Set in the typical Mallorcan style the finca has been finished with stone façade. The massive garden with luxurious green grass welcomes you. Surrounded by the Tramuntana mountain range the views are spectacular as far as your eyes can reach. The appealing swimming pool churns out little waves as the wind blows over it reflecting the clear blue skies. A flight of steps take you down to the deep end of the pool where you can relax amidst beautiful nature. The landscaped garden looks alluring with a variety of Mediterranean trees swaying in the wind with some providing enough shade.

The entrance reflects what is in store for you inside. Built with huge wooden doors, typical to the Mallorcan style you get an earthy feel as you step in giving you a sense of security and safety. A spacious living room waits inside with lots of natural light coming right in. Constructed with huge beams the roofs have been made really strong all through the home. The developer well known in the construction of country homes has been successful in amalgamating the traditional look with modern architecture bringing out the true essence of Mallorcan culture. Bedrooms look complete with freshly painted walls in white with a beautiful inbuilt cupboard and storage covering wall to wall thereby giving you a lot of storage space. You can add some fancy furniture here to make it look more inviting. The kitchen has been styled in a very modern and chic way. Wood work here has given it a very rustic look with all modern gadgets installed for that perfect place to cook.

The bathrooms are well equipped with an inviting Jacuzzi so that when you return after a hard days´ work you can just dive right into it and relax. When you plan a family party the sunny terrace with a great pool view will just be the place to be. If you plan to spend the rest of your life amidst pure bliss this cozy home is just the thing for you.

Santa Maria del Cami better known as Santa Maria is a well- known market town in the central area of Mallorca surrounded by the Tramuntana mountain range offering spectacular views. As you enter the stunning place it has some of the most impressive markets on the island which is also a hub for local artisans and winemakers. Tourists and locals usually relax by the bars and cafes nearby where you would also find some very interesting options for visitors and international residents who dream of a luxurious lifestyle.

Dating back to a few centuries, Santa Maria has witnessed a memorable journey of wine production rising into prominence as a leading exporter of brandy to many countries in Europe and beyond. The enchanting place introduces you to some of the most mind filling vineyards and fincas almost covered with almond trees famous for the stunning displays of white almond blossom in January and February. Known during the Saracen occupation as ´Mauia´ which means ´stop on the way´, Santa Maria retains several buildings of historical note and has an ancient crossroads at its very heart.Santa Maria is a perfect place for people to enjoy delicate cuisines. You can hike and bike around local beauty spots such as Valley of Conanegra there are many tours available to choose from. If you are interested in exploring some of the best wineries of Mallorca, well known wine producer ´Macia Batle´ is close by with other producers too. Wine lovers might also be interested in the extensive information available on Mallorcan wineries from abcMallorca. The romantic place lets you enjoy some of the prettiest villages nearby making your travel a memorable one.

Santa Maria also offers you some of the best shopping experiences. You can bargain with the large variety of souvenirs plants and livestock available at the buzzing Sunday market. The nearby Festival Park is a specialist commercial center and multiplex for discount (outlet) stores. You can also buy locally spun cloth plus hand-crafted international goods or locally woven fabric known as the cloth of tongues along with rare pottery pieces created by the local artists.

Recently opened concept store called - Livingdreams offers exquisite handmade wooden tables, decoration and a cafe and a restaurant, a place one should not miss at all. Villa Wesco a high end German kitchen accessory brand opened in March 2016 offers a furniture outlet and a high-end cookery school. The Sunday market is one of the biggest attractions. Tucked away from the main high street in one of the many hidden squares of Santa Maria, it is easy to find on a market day as you only need to follow the crowds of shoppers

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