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Price: €990,000 Reference: A-Vinyas-105

Adorable Modern Style Ground Floor Home With Panoramic Sea Views in Cala Vinyas.

You can see the chirping birds flying high in the cloudless sky with the crystal clear sea shimmering brightly below. Let the morning cool breeze plant a gentle kiss on your cheeks and wake you up. As the fisherman bids adieu to the coastline to venture out in the deep sea with the sun rising say hello to a fresh new day in Cala Vinyes.

Ground Floor in Cala Vinyes - 0L5A7062

Nostalgia catches up with you soon and you will not be able to escape the magnetism it beholds. There goes the un-spoilt beauty, pleasant climate and stunning vistas. At night you can enjoy gazing at the stars endlessly at the clear skies above.

The well designed fireplace is big enough to keep the entire house warm as you enjoy a light-hearted lunch with friends or a romantic dinner with your sweet-heart. You are never far from the sea. The beautiful sea lashing on the coastline is clearly visible from the living room beyond the beautifully arched doors.

Ground Floor in Cala Vinyes - 0L5A7048

The bedrooms are equally chic and classy. Simple and elegant and guess what - You can still enjoy the sea views from your bedroom as you doze off to sleep. The Kitchen highlights a perfect blend of beauty and sophistication. The soothing designs give a fresh look with the granite countertops giving a sleek look.

The top quality charming property gives you ample space to relax. The community pool is paradise waiting to be explored with the passionately landscaped community garden giving you a visual feast of colors.

Feel the nature as you walk amidst greenery and view the uninterrupted panoramic views of the sea with your home perfectly engulfed in peace and tranquility as you enjoy life in Cala Vinyes. The sea is blue with impossible clarity something that the mind cannot imagine.

Ground Floor in Cala Vinyes - 0L5A7030

The beaches are exemplary with the sands sloping invitingly down into the sea. If this is exactly what you are looking in life we have the answer for you. An exciting new life awaits for you in Cala Vinyes.

Cala Vinas with its lovely beach is located in the southwestern part of Mallorca just about two kilometers from the beautiful city of Magaluf. The beach is about 60 meters long and 80 meters wide with shallow and crystal clear waters.

Cala Vinyes has the perfect combination of local bars and restaurants along with a local spar supermarket and a couple of gift shops. The sun reaches the beach of Cala Vinyes with all around the year with cliffs and pine forests encompassing it. The beach is lined with beautiful palm trees.

Major part is built on headland which provides spectacular views over the bays of Magaluf and Palma with the popular hotels like Sentido Cala Vinas and Barcelo Cala Vinas entertaining tourists all around the year. Cala Falco the popular cove is less than a kilometer away. Scuba diving and snorkeling are popular sports here.

Cala Vinyes Area Information

Map of Cala Vinyes - Unique Mallorca

Situated only 2 km from the resort of Magaluf, but tucked away in a beautiful small peninsula, set around an idyllic cove, Cala Vinyas is a haven of peace and tranquillity, this small, peaceful and extremely pretty family resort in the south west of Mallorca is situated around a small sheltered cove surrounded by cliffs.

Cala Vinyes beach is utterly charming with shallow waters making for safe bathing and has a lovely beach bar/restaurant for those family days out at the beach.  It is very child friendly and frequented by many families both tourists and locals with a playing area and playground for children.There is a small high street with a supermarket and a handful of lovely restaurants although the facilities of neighbouring resorts are only a few minutes’ drive away.

Want to see more properties available in Cala Vinyes area? Just follow the link to see all of our listings for that location. Alternatively see our full range of apartments or head back to our property sales for all listings.

Price: €990,000 Reference: A-Vinyas-105
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Additional Features

  • Charming Property
  • Fully fitted bathroom
  • Living room with fireplace
  • Modern Style
  • Quiet Location
  • Sea Views
  • Top Quality
  • Walking distance to beach
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