V-Alaro-103 Property description

The dolphin swims in shimmering blue sea, the foaming water laps gently around her, the emerald seaweed floats in the waves, the colorful fish swim around her gracefully, she glides through the tranquil water, moving gracefully. Ahoy you are in the pristine blue seas of Alaro!

The cozy home gives you a taste of Moroccan architecture. Unique in its style the home stands apart offering you a life befitting a king. The entrance will stop you in awe and bring a smile to your face. Cobbled ceramic floors welcome you with wooden doors with a rustic look. A wooden table with beautiful earthen pottery completes the look. A small passageway will lead you to the living and dining room. The space has been utilized very effectively with a corner portion being used as a sit-down place with comfortable pillows all over so you can relax whenever you want to. Decorated beautifully with a variety of indoor plants gives a natural look and purifies the air around you.

Various shades of light have been used to illuminate the room. The walls look ethereal with portions revealing the underlying bricks in contrast to the white walls. A sweet little fireplace cannot go unnoticed tucked at the corner of the room. "Mallorquin Kitchen with a Moroccan Twist" The kitchen has all the modern gadgets that you need with earthen pots and glass bottles beautifully adorning it. A simple wooden dining table is all it takes to give it a mystical look.

A small flight of steps will take you towards two simple looking cozy bedrooms. Less is more - is what you get here! The entire home has ceramic and porcelain flooring with mosaics of different colors making it look different than most of the homes. An inbuilt open cupboard on the wall with adjacent shelves with bamboo baskets will leave you in awe. You realize this is really something new to you but very unique and you would love it. Every inch of the room reflects the Moroccan style of living.

The bathroom is a true piece of architecture done intricately. Spacious with a ceramic floor and a comfortable jacuzzi you will be mesmerized with the mosaic art of a horse built piece by piece to make this masterpiece a living reality of true Moroccan art. Lights adorn the bathroom with a few romantic plants here and there. As you look out of the home you feel the sea breeze. If you want to spend each day of your life waking up in awe in true-blue Moroccan style this home is just the one for you.

Nestled away in a peaceful valley of the southern slopes of the Tramuntana Mountain range in Mallorca lies the bustling town of Alaro. The narrow cobbled streets and ancient architecture combine to create a traditional charm that provides a stark contrast to some of the better-known coastal resorts. Industrialization played an important role in shaping up Alaro´s economy and the biggest one of these was once the shoe making business. At its height it was home to 30 factories employing more than 2000 people. and is still home to the workshop of Tony Mora, who is renowned globally for his handmade cowboy boots but soon it shifted to the property market in the recent years. Recently it has become a huge ex-pat community.

The biggest attraction in Alaró is Castell d´Alaro which is a must see for anyone visiting the area. The castle is a challenging two-hour walk from the center of the village. It is possible to drive part of the way up, parking at the well-known Lamb restaurant Es Verger. Once you reach the ruins of the castle you are rewarded with breathtaking views. You can admire the Mallorcan countryside stretching all the way to the bay of Palma while enjoying a hard earned drink from the bar.

Tramuntana Mountain range in Alaro is a popular base for hikers and cyclists which provides both amateurs and professional cyclists to easily access some of the island´s best routes. The rugged mountains in the countryside are some of the best known hiking trails. You can also spend some time relaxing in the evening at a popular pizza restaurant and ice cream parlors are a thriving place for the youngsters. It is a truly multicultural town, and the atmosphere and community is richer for it.

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