V-Ponsa-254 Property description

This projected new build falls in to the ´Über Cool´ class of properties of the world. If Tony Stark (aka. Iron Man) was looking for a new HQ this would certainly feature on his short list. It exudes contemporary luxury in every way.

Perched in an elevated position on one of Nova Santa Ponsa´s most sought after residential streets, this modern masterpiece will provide a high level of privacy, without any other properties overlooking the vast plot of nearly 2,300 m2 and a fantastic panoramic view of the surrounding landscape from the mountains and green zone, and out to the sea from the 1st floor.

Breaking with the tradition of following a natural walk through the building, like this inspired property, we break away from the ordinary and jump straight into detail about the striking upper terrace of this fabulous home. Rest assured, we will cover the whole property in the following paragraphs, but this perfectly flawless area deserves primary note.

Join us as we stand on top of the world and enjoy the ´Bellver´. We use Bellver as this is the name of the castle that sits high above Palma city, literally translating to ´Beautiful View´. Should you choose to aptly name this distinctive and extravagant property ´Bellver´, your home truly would be your castle.

Back on topic, the views are, as you should expect outstanding. Yes you have views across a vast expanse of the Mediterranean sea, blue on blue as it meets the lighter sky, but these views are further complimented by the narrow band of the rich green canopy of the trees that creates a striking contrast and adds depth to the overall scene.

Such is splendour of these views that it can only be matched by the sophistication of the roof living space which has been designed to live up to an equally impressive standard. The surrounding vista is uninterrupted by walls, pillars or other constructions. Sitting in any of the lounging areas or dipping your feet in the pool, one will fully appreciate the true magnificence of the surroundings, a modern oasis, carefully framed by an arrangement of plants that will help add shade and a striking contract to the clear blue skies above.

The use of a suspended canvas awning provides much needed shaded area and also brings a luxurious and nautical feel to the space, something for which the Island is famed.Making our way to the first floor, one could be fooled into believing that one is still on the open roof due to the vast use of glass that allows the natural light to flood the interior space.

Feeling the open plan living space of the interior, the rooms are designed to be long, wide and tall. The design is crisp and clean making full use of sharp lines to further enhance the slick design.The soft furnishings will break up these crisp features, creating a warm and inviting feel, with everything at this stage able to be personalised to your preferred taste and pallet.

We would recommend leaving the polished concrete floors uncovered, they offer a smooth and beautiful finish, a great hard wearing surface that besides being visually stunning, offers one of the best non slip surfaces that one can find. If however your preference is to add splashes of colour then rugs will provide an interchangeable soft surface to cushion your toes.

Each of the many bedrooms offer open balconies, large enough to host a social gathering. These terraces extend the overall size of the bedrooms with the clever use of sliding glass doors, joining the two areas so seamlessly that when open, this can only be denoted by the rich luxurious hardwood flooring used outside.

Earlier we mentioned the property´s elevation being beneficial for a high level of privacy. It is for this reason, that the free standing, egg shell bathtubs have been strategically placed so that whilst soaking in the tub, one can look out on to heavenly views. No need to feel bashful, however, as one can enjoy complete privacy, carefully hidden from the gardens or pool.

The en-suites are designed around two people, each has his or her own vanity surface, basins and storage, the shower also accommodates two!

If friends and family are left in awe when they see the large gardens and swimming pools, then they will be left even more speechless (especially the ladies) when they see the design of the perfectly considered, walk in dressing rooms. After all, with this Über cool property, the likes of Tony Stark would have nothing less than the phenomenal quality of these specialised walk in dressing areas, would he?

Moving back to the ground floor we are struck by the open plan style of the living spaces. The kitchen which should be the heart of a home, actually does become the centre of the home and from here you will see almost the entire ground floor and gardens.

The use of glass is as in the bedrooms, intelligent and seamlessly connecting the outside with the interior.

The developer, an English Gentleman, has visualised a beautiful clean, sharp construction that is both visually striking and useable.

Previous to this, his last completed construction was well known throughout the industry, featured and highlighted in architectural and cultural magazines for the sheer beauty, quality and style that he visualised and then brought to life. In his computer generated Illustrations of this project, he has adorned the property in a pallet of light earth tones, but the insides can equally handle bright bold colours.

We have an amazing space, a place in the sun and an outstanding Developer with an outstanding track record, all that is now needed is to put your personal stamp on this lavish new build, we certainly look forward to seeing the completed occupied home in all its elegance.