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Looking for a Superior Property Service?

If you are looking for property for sale in Mallorca, then finding your dream home is only one part of the process.

Deciding which properties you prefer and selecting homes that suit your lifestyle can seem daunting, especially when there are so many different estate agency websites.

Once you begin to investigate properties in Mallorca online, be it a villa, flat, country finca or even land to develop your very own design, you may begin to notice many identical property listings appearing on many different websites. So, how do you chose? Selecting a good real estate agency is the key to the entire purchase or rental process.

Selecting a good real estate agency is the key to success

Relax & Buy your home in Mallorca with Confidence

The most important factor to remember is that visiting properties in Mallorca should be relaxed and pleasurable. It is vitally important that you have sincere and unquestionable confidence in your selected estate agency.  You should be able to rely on the fact that they are looking after your needs first and foremost and taking care of you and your interests the entire way throughout the purchase and property selection process.

Taking Care of You

Yes we recommend our services, but not just because we are writing this article. We recommend our real estate services, because we truly are unique, in that we genuinely care about you and about finding your dream home.

Unique Mallorca’s steps to finding your dream home:

  1. Contact us today

    You can reach us by email, directly or through our contact form. Our estate agency is also contactable by telephone and we are able to be reached, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Also available on  Skype or on Instant Chat.

  2. Tell us all about you, your lifestyle and the type of property that you prefer

    We firmly believe in the process of listening carefully and fully understanding your dream. We like to engage in a series of questions and answers, helping both you and us to fully understand your vision.  What is essential to your happiness? Who will be using your new property? What qualities can you not live without?  At Unique Mallorca, we recognise that a good real estate agent always listens more than they speak and understanding you andyour family is vital at this stage.

    Whilst we also appreciate that you may believe that you don´t have time to speak with us in such detail, this stage is actually a very important step in the property selection process, and will definitely save you considerable time in the future. Any realtor that does not take time to go through this key stage with you, is certainly not interested in realising your dream by finding your perfect property, nor do they genuinely care about your long term satisfaction. Ideally we like to have some personal contact, to hear the emotion and gather the information that we need through conversation, but we are also very happy to engage via email for those super busy individuals who don´t like to talk.

  3. Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

    As with any endeavour in life, being prepared is the key to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience, and buying or renting a property is definitely no exception. Until we formulate a plan together and decided upon the essential home qualities that you prefer as well as the features you don´t like, then it could result in a waste of a lot of time and effort or without guarantee of a successful outcome.This process is also crucial to measure success or failure, ensuring that you achieve your goal and that you sign for a property in Mallorca that you have set out to purchase. If compromise is necessary, then at least through this process, we will both understand the evolutionary process that takes you away from your initial intentions. There is nothing worse than ending up spending much more than you anticipated or ending up in a location in Mallorca that you did not originally want.

  4. Sit back and relax while we find your perfect property

    Gathering all the knowledge we have about your requirements, we combine this with our vast experience in real estate in Mallorca, and our agency team are able to produce the finest properties available for you at the most competitive market prices.

    Because of our emphasis on understanding your lifestyle requirements, we aim to meet all your expectations and in some areas even exceed them. The properties that we produce for you island wide are a true reflection of this and come from not only our own listings, but from collaborating estate agencies, directly from the banks and sometimes they are properties that we have hunted especially for you, not even available openly on the real estate market.

  5. Select a shortlist and enjoy viewing with us

    Once you have gone through our property selection and chosen which homes you would like to visit, whether all of them or just a few, our realtors are flexible enough to create a viewing schedule based upon your availability and convenience.

    As with anything in life you will naturally magnetite towards someone you like, an individual or a business; that you find trustworthy, professional, safe and honest. Our realtors are all personally selected for these qualities, as at Unique Mallorca, we simply don´t believe in pushy sales tactics.

  6. Attitude is a small thing that makes a huge difference

    Viewing potential future homes in Mallorca should be pleasurable and exciting, our realtors are there in the background, to provide any information that you require, answering any questions you may have and showing you qualities of the properties that are not immediately apparent to the eye. They are also on hand as your ally, allowing you the freedom to openly discuss the negatives and positives of each home.  You must feel entirely comfortable with your agency and able to ask any questions or voice any concerns that you may have.

    We understand that just as every person is different, so too is each property, what suits one personality, does not always suit the next, no matter how similar they may be. Our realtors can listen as you view, perhaps solving some of your trepidations or coming up with completely alternative homes based upon a newly discovered piece of information as you view.

  7. Choose your dream home and allow us to organise everything else

    Once we have found your perfect property, Unique Mallorca work harder than ever. Negotiation is a crucial part of the process and requires a considerable level of skill and ability with real estate closing. With decades of experience in this field, our team is second to none at achieving the correct and most competitive value for your money. We are prepared to take care of the full sale process for you from start to finish, providing everything from legal and tax advice to mortgages and furnishings.

  8. Excellent Communication is what counts

    Alternatively our team is more than happy to work alongside any representative that you select, and will provide full transparency and back up as required by you. We believe in keeping the lines of communication open and flowing at all times, making the transition from selecting your home to key hand over as smooth and trouble free as possible. Tax laws and procedures regularly change here in Mallorca and we pride ourselves on being up to date and current on even the smallest of alterations, passing this information onto you and ensuring that you fully benefit from any changes in your favour.

  9. Relax & Live Happily Ever After with Unique Mallorca´s After Sales Care

    With a property management company as well as a real estate agency, operating on the island for over 16 years, we are here to stay and we will take care of you, long after you have signed for your new villa or home.  With a tried and trusted team of cleaning technicians, launderettes and fully qualified tradesmen, we are on call 24 hrs a day, to provide support and advice.

    We offer an impressive record response time for any property issues you may encounter and our friendly after sales manager takes care of you on an extremely personal level providing everything from bill change overs and paperwork services, to full concierge and VIP treatment.

    Each and every one of our properties in Mallorca comes with a year´s membership free of charge, so whether you are renting your new home or just using it for personal holidays, you can totally relax and enjoy every minute, knowing that we are here taking care of your best interests, providing you with as much or as little help as you need.

    For more detailed information about the buying process here in Majorca, please click here for our full guide to buying. We also invite you to call us or pop in to our office, and find out first hand why we are 1st time buyers first choice when purchasing or renting in Mallorca.

Need help or have a question about our service? Contact us today and we'll get right on it. We look forward to speaking with you.

Philippa & Michael

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