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Long Term Rental Of Your Property

Unique Mallorca are experts in handling all aspects of long term rental of property on behalf of our clients.

We’re on of the longest running property management companies on the island and our experience in this area is second to none. You can be sure that you’re property is in the safest of hands with us.

Contact us about our long term rental services and how we can hep you. As part of this service we will happily provide you with the following below.

  1. Unparalleled Marketing Strategies

    Our marketing is above all others, we will beautifully present your property with unprecedented care and attention to detail. We also offer wide international publicity across the internet, using various international and local web portals, as well as newspapers, radio and island wide magazines

  2. Setting an appropriate rental amount

    Unique Mallorca will give you an accurate valuation to assist you to market your property for the correct monthly fee. Perhaps you are considering to holiday rent your home in Mallorca? If you are undecided, then we will provide you with all the information you need along side rental forecasts, allowing you to weigh up the pros and cons of holiday renting your home versus long term rental. Check out our article why choose a holiday home in Mallorca for more details.

  3. Our long term rental service is free of charge to you

    Unique Mallorca ´s long letting services are free of charge for you, the property owner. We receive our fee from the tenants, so this part of the service generates no cost to you.

  4. Full Inventory and Storage

    We carry out a full inventory for you and can arrange storage of any personal items and effects, as well as holding a security deposit if required. The tenant will only receive this deposit back if they uphold their part of the agreement and keep the property and its contents in the same condition as when they take over the lease.

  5. Background Checks on your tenants

    We always check out potential long term tenants and investigate them for references if required. We also find out any relevant background for you, so that you can feel more secure.

  6. Landlord / Tenant Liaison

    If you enlist our property management services, we will act as a liaison between you and the tenant , providing a number and location that they can visit to report a ny issues or problems during their tenancy.

  7. Legal Information Provided

    We will ensure that you are kept fully informed with the longterm rental legislation of the time, so that upon signing a contract as landlord you will know your rights fully and equally, those of your tenant. We do point out, however that we are not lawyers and the law in Mallorca does change regularly, so it is always wise to seek out professional legal help to ensure that all the facts you have are 100% accurate at the time of signing.

Please contact us today if you wish to start earning long term rental revenue from your home on the island.

Need help or have a question about our service? Contact us today and we'll get right on it. We look forward to speaking with you.

Philippa & Michael

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