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6.5 million Tourists for 2015 at the end of July and they are still coming!

In the first seven months of 2015, 6,526,218 foreign Tourists had visited the Golden Shores of the beautiful island of Mallorca, that’s 3.9% more than the same period for 2014 with Alcudia and Calvia continuing to be firm
favourites.  That makes the Balearic Islands the 3rd highest in number of tourists in the Whole of Spain.

According to one of the leading Tour Operators, Mallorca has this year outstripped Disney world, Orlando, in number of visitors and Mallorca is currently overflowing with record numbers of Tourists in Hotels and Apartments on the island, not to mention those who are choosing to favour the Luxury Holiday market with stays in private Villas.

With over 300 days of Sunshine a year and the most beautiful and diverse scenery, who could blame them?

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