How To Fight The Tiger Mosquitoes

How To Fight The Tiger Mosquitoes

As well as being the island’s number one Mallorca real estate agent we also know a thing or two about living on the island. We hope you find this guide on how to fight The tiger Mosquitoes helpful for you!

You wake up in the night and hear that familiar high pitched whine and instantly hide under your covers for protection from this tiny vampire like creature who leaves us itching and uncomfortable.  The mosquito has long been the dreaded enemy of us all and this year we have a more resilient the Tiger Mosquito!

These little blighters will bite their hosts multiple times and not just the human kind, but our pets also.

Prevention is always better than the cure and in this case there are many precautionary measures that can be taken.  As we all know, mosquitoes love water and we always find a little population explosion soon after a sudden downpour, so the emptying of all places where water accumulates is vital, for example water containers, dis used tyres and open drains, also keep an eye on pets water bowls and make sure they are not left standing outside for long periods of time.

Fly screens can be purchased to go over the windows which should prevent many of them from getting through and there are a wide variety of plug ins and candles.

If you are outside then you need to deter them from enjoying a feast from your body and one of the things these little mites detest is citronella.  A citronella plant close to your front door helps a lot and also a good repellent would normally contain this.  I was told by a pharmacist once that it’s just as effective to purchase a bottle of citronella, which is inexpensive and add a few drops to all your lotions including aftersun and shampoos and I have to say this has worked very well for me.

If you are unlucky and do get bitten, Aloe Vera is a great source of relief and is best taken straight from the plant, but also ask your pharmacy for the best remedy.

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