More cruise ships to visit Palma in 2016

More cruise ships to visit Palma in 2016

One of the world’s largest travel companies have announced that a number of their cruise ships have now diverted more of their business to Palma for 2016!  Palma will also be the only port this summer which will welcome all 5 of its fabulous vessels into Palma including their brand new ship “Mein Schiffe 5”, which has its maiden voyage planned for July.

Thousands of more Tourists will flock to Mallorca.

This is great news for Mallorca as it is anticipated that this will bring over 100,000 people to enjoy all the wonderful things the island has to offer.

The cruise ships call at the Port of Palma and in the busy months you may find 3 ships docked at any one time.  The port itself is within the city and gives an easy access point from which to explore the vibrant historical capital and its gothic cathedral and is close to some golden sandy beaches for those who prefer a more relaxing day!

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