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Mallorca News - Page 2

The latest news on Mallorca life hot of the presses from our team at Unique Mallorca. If it’s happening on the island then we’re sure to have written or are writing about it.

If you have a story you think we’ve missed then drop us a line to make sure we know about it!

Ironman 2016 – Are you tough enough?

The island of Mallorca attracts a wealth of athletes throughout the year who are drawn to our magical isle because of its fabulous mountain roads, perfect for cyclists training for big events such as the Tour de France and also for triathletes as conditions both at sea and by road are perfect for all 3 […]

Santa Ponsa Fiestas

Santa Ponsa is busily preparing itself for the main event of the year seeing a fun packed calendar of activities between 1st and 11th September. This Fiesta is hugely important to the region and signifies the arrival of King James I of Aragon who sailed in on the afternoon of September 12 1229 in his […]

Walking in the Moonlight

For the last 42 years there has been an annual walk, which takes place throughout the night, which has grown massively in popularity since its beginnings and this starts from the Plaça Güell in Palma to mountain hamlet of Lluc and covers a Total of 49 kilometers. This year the walk will take place on […]

How To Fight The Tiger Mosquitoes

As well as being the island’s number one Mallorca real estate agent we also know a thing or two about living on the island. We hope you find this guide on how to fight The tiger Mosquitoes helpful for you! You wake up in the night and hear that familiar high pitched whine and instantly […]

Mallorca The Kings Choice

The island of Mallorca gave a warm hearted welcome to King Felipe and Queen Letizia and the 2 little princesses who arrived on our stunning shores this month for their annual holiday at their summer residence, the magnificent Marivent Palace. Of course as always during any royal visit the streets are buzzing with extra security […]

Mallorca The Choice Of El Corte Ingle

The famous and very prestigious department store of El Corte Ingles has chosen the beautiful island of Mallorca to film its next large national marketing campaign. Over the month of June there has been a large team of 80 crew on location here on the island busily shooting clips for this very popular store, which […]

Huge Success In Luxury Urban Tourism

City centre Urban Hotels in Mallorca are enjoying record breaking success this year with a huge increase in popularity within the European market. This incredible welcome boost to the Tourism market is due to a number of factors including the decision of many travellers to travel to the Mediterranean and in particular the island of […]

Coming Soon New Leisure and Entertainment Centre

We are very excited to hear that there are plans underway for a large new leisure complex in the island of Mallorca.  The company behind this, Intu, owns many UK shopping centres such as Lakeside in Essex and the Arndale in Manchester and we are delighted that they have an interest in adding to the […]

Sea Turtles In The Mediterranean

Two young Sea Turtles named Ella and Ossa were rescued from different beaches around the island and were nursed back to health thanks to the amazing work of the Consortium for the Recovery of Fauna of the Balearic Islands, which is sponsored by the Department of Environment. We can report that both Ella and Ossa […]

It’s A Dogs Life in Mallorca

Pet friendly Tourism is gaining in popularity with many dog lovers refusing not wanting to leave “man’s best friend” at home while they enjoy a much deserved vacation. Here in Mallorca the municipality of Colonia de Sant Pere will be offering doggie friendly Hotels where one can take a trip with your treasured and much […]

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